Pueblo of Sandia GIS Program Overview

The goal of the Pueblo of Sandia’s Geographic Information Systems Program is to securely manage the Pueblo’s geospatial data efficiently and enforce data integrity. The objective is to organize all data with a logical, clear structure and labeling system to enable all authorized users to access geospatial data. The objective is consolidation of fragmented GIS information and to improve understanding of each GIS data set and how it relates to other data within a spatial and temporal context via the Esri ArcGIS platform. The GIS program follows systematic application of quality control/quality assurance protocols during GIS workflows for new as well as updated existing data.

The GIS staff is currently designing and developing comprehensive GIS based Land Information Management System (LIMS) in order to efficiently house all geospatial data with the Esri ArcGIS platform in order to plan and develop a sustainable community to meet the housing needs of the Pueblo of Sandia. The main objective of the LIMS is to support the planning process by allowing more accurate mapping and management of homes, roads, utility infrastructure, storm detention ponds, floodplains and more. The LIMS will lay the foundation for the use of GIS applications for infrastructure asset management. The LIMS will be designed in an industry-standard digital format and create datasets to allow for data analysis, asset management and accurate reporting for physical assessment data and modernization of Pueblo’s homes. The GIS program is also responsible for coordination and overseeing of the collection, analysis, conversion, organization, and maintenance of geographic data for use on Pueblo’s various projects. This data is used for continual compliance with organization-wide GIS based web mapping and other related data requests. The GIS program personnel has a well- established relationship with all departments across the Pueblo of Sandia and is working on enhancing the data-sharing and documentation system for all associated data between them.

GIS Program Contact Information
Pueblo of Sandia | Tribal Administration Building | Lands Department
GIS Program
481 Sandia Loop | Bernalillo, NM 87004
gis@sandiapueblo.nsn.us | (505) 771-5084

Geospatial Services Offered

  • Geospatial Data Analysis
  • Infrastructure Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Field Data Collection
  • Data Conversion and Modification
  • Customized Mapping/Web-Mapping/Plotting/Other Data Requests
  • GIS Training

Map/GIS Data Requests Order Form
Please fill out the form below for map/data request and email it to gis@sandiapueblo.nsn.us. The completed form is required for security compliance as some datasets are not shared without the approval of the Pueblo of Sandia Tribal Council.

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Interactive Web Mapping Applications
The interactive web mapping applications shown below are developed by the Pueblo of Sandia GIS staff for end user reference. These applications can be accessed via standard web browsers and are created using ArcGIS Online -AGOL (https://www.arcgis.com/home/index.html) and CartoDB (https://carto.com/) platforms. The data displayed in these applications is publically available and were acquired from the relevant public domains such as the State of New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD), Sandoval County, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Park Service (NPS), New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS), U.S. Census Bureau TIGER Data , US Geological Survey (USGS), etc.

Please contact the GIS team using the email address provided above if you have any questions/feedback or require assistance using any of the interactive web applications.

Federal Fire History (1980-2017) Heat Map for Four Corner States

Effective FEMA Flood Zones, Base Flood Elevations & Watershed Boundaries

Oil & Gas Wells Approval Timeline near Sandoval County, New Mexico

Emergency Management Infrastructure – New Mexico

Transportation Infrastructure – New Mexico

General Vegetation Classification – New Mexico

MRGCD Jurisdictions and Conveyances


Other Maps 

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