Preparing Makes Sense In Indian Country


The Pueblo of Sandia is participating in the 2018 Sandoval County Hazard Mitigation Plan update – please click here for more information.   A community survey on the hazards potentially affecting the Pueblo is available at


To accomplish this mission, the Pueblo of Sandia Emergency Management Department adheres to the nationally recognized emergency management standards established by a working group of practitioners and academics at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Click here for the definition, vision, mission and principles of emergency management.

The core aspects of a successful Emergency Management program include understanding community hazards and vulnerability; being personally prepared; accomplishing emergency planningtraining and exercise activities; initiating response and recovery actions through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC); and collaborating with other agencies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Emergency Management Department is to provide a comprehensive and integrated system to help save lives, prevent injuries, protect property and preserve the Pueblo of Sandia’s invaluable cultural and natural resources in the event of a major emergency or disaster. The Emergency Management Department coordinates with other Pueblo of Sandia departments, surrounding jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, and volunteer and community groups to help ensure all available resources and personnel are identified and coordinated during major emergency situations.

Emergency management is based on a cycle of continuous and inter-related activities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against the potential effects of major emergencies and disasters. The Emergency Management Department works to facilitate an environment of cooperation, coordination and collaboration with all internal and external departments and agencies assigned emergency responsibilities. A successful emergency management program requires a whole community approach and effective team work.

The Pueblo of Sandia Emergency Management Department provides information to the community through presentations and workshops to help residents be better prepared for emergencies and disasters.