There are many types of emergency exercises including seminars, workshops, tabletops, games, drills, functional and full-scale exercises. Participating in exercises provides personnel with an opportunity to practice emergency capabilities in a low risk environment. Exercises allow participants to gain an objective assessment of their knowledge, skills and abilities allowing shortfalls to be addressed prior to a real emergency. Well-designed and well-executed exercises are the most effective way to:

– Evaluate plans and protocols
– Clarify roles and responsibilities
– Test training comprehension
– Improve coordination
– Enhance communications
– Encourage teamwork
– Identify shortfalls
– Develop solutions

The Pueblo of Sandia Department of Emergency Management uses the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to design, develop, conduct and evaluate exercises. The HSEEP is a capabilities and performance based program that provides a standardized methodology for all exercise activities. The development of an exercise After Action Report and Improvement Plan (AAR-IP) is critical to ensuring the lessons learned during exercises are incorporated into plans and training. Emergency Management Exercise Schedule Coming Soon!

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Graphic provided by FEMA