Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic is available to Sandia Pueblo Tribal members and some outside Native Americans that have established a health record at the clinic.

The medical clinic staff includes:

  • Dr. Cathleen Durell, MD, Acting Medical Director

  • Dr. Anthony Fleg, MD

  • Elaine Chavez, Clinic Nurse Manager

  • Dr. Kerry Hile (AIHC), Optometrist

  • Wilma Toledo, Podiatry Services

  • Dr. Attlee Benally, Podiatrist

  • Dr. Richard DeFelice, Chiropractor

  • Debbie Varela, Medical Center Administrative Coordinator

  • Kendra Wilson, Receptionist

  • Yvonne Delgado, Nutritionist

Podiatrist, Nutritionist, and WIC services are available on scheduled days.
Patients need to call the clinic to make appointments.