Tribal Police

The Police Officers serving the Pueblo of Sandia are committed to providing the highest level of professional public safety services and delivering those services with dignity and respect to all Sandia Tribal Members and to all those who visit the Reservation.  We view our primary responsibilities to be: providing for the public’s safety; delivering law enforcement services; rendering aid; giving counsel; and, preventing crimes and unsafe acts and circumstances.

We perform our duties at all times of the day and night, throughout the entire year. Although we function primarily within the Reservation’s boundaries, we are available to assist our neighboring communities and Police Officers in emergencies.

Our duties, tasks, and responsibilities are always carried out in a professional manner.  We embrace training as a way to prepare us for those duties, tasks and responsibilities.  As Police Officers we are guided by the “Golden Rule” and perform our duties in a manner that is consistent with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Beyond being compensated for our services to the community, we strive to make the job which is fun and enjoyable, while providing us with opportunities to grow as individuals and professionals.

Dedication to our profession and our community, along with living up to high standards are the trademarks of our service.

Hours of operation: 24/7 365 days

Chief Adrian Armijo



Need Help Now?

Emergency: 911
Dispatch: 505-798-7401