Personal Preparedness

 Disasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives every year with lasting effects on people, property and natural resources. If a disaster occurs, government agencies and disaster-relief organizations will try to help, but every individual is ultimately responsible for their own safety. Everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves and their families by knowing what to do before, during, and after a disaster. Being prepared will greatly help to reduce losses, as well as the anxiety that accompany disasters.

Following these simple steps will help you to be prepared for an emergency or disaster:

1. Be Aware and Informed – Understand the hazards that may affect your community and know how you will get information about emergencies. Click here to sign up for Code RED emergency alerts (Sandoval County residents only). Alertsfor the community are available via Verizon’s EMAG system. These alerts are solely for the residents of the Pueblo of Sandia and are managed internally by the Pueblo’s Office of Emergency Management. If you wish to sign up, please call the Pueblo’s OEM Community Outreach Coordinator at 505-771-7979.

wireless emergency alerts

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2. Have a Plan – Know how you and your family will respond before, during and after an emergency. Click here for tips on creating a family disaster plan and click here for a fillable family disaster plan template.

3. Build a Kit – Put together an emergency supplies kit allowing you and your family to be self-sufficient for up to three days. Click here for tips on putting together your emergency supplies kit and click here for a factsheet on what to include in your kit.

build a kit
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The following brochures, fact sheets and videos provide a variety of information regarding emergency preparedness activities for you, your family members, individuals with functional needs who may need special assistance during emergencies, as well as your pets.

Individuals And Families

Functional Needs


Community Outreach

The Pueblo of Sandia Emergency Management Department provides information to the community through presentations and workshops to help residents be better prepared for emergencies and disasters.
To schedule a community visit or presentation,
please call 505-798-7481 or send an email to

Too Busy To Plan

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