Emergency Operations Center

An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the physical location where organizational representatives come together to coordinate their efforts and facilitate effective and efficient emergency response efforts. The EOC is responsible for the strategic overview or “big picture” and does not directly control field assets. Rather, the EOC is tasked with making strategic management decisions and leaving tactical decisions to the Incident Commander or Unified Commanders. In fact, one of the EOC’s primary responsibilities is to support the Incident Command System (ICS) established in the field.

The most common shortfall identified following emergencies is a lack of coordination and communications. An appropriately equipped and staffed EOC will facilitate the coordination of emergency activities to better protect the Pueblo of Sandia’s people, property and resources. The EOC will be organized to optimize communication and coordination by using appropriate information management techniques. An effectively organized and managed EOC will provide the capability to gather and analyze information, present information to the EOC team, and facilitate the exchange of information between Pueblo departments and other agencies involved in the event.

The Pueblo of Sandia is currently working to develop EOC capabilities.
More information coming soon!

Photo Provided by FEMA